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July 2013 | Servcorp

With summer season approaching, many of businesses are left with a skeleton staff. However, summer holidays should not affect how the business runs and how calls are handled. With Servcorp's novel communication system, your business follows you where you are when and how you need it to.

An advanced system of customized call routing and voicemail with a range of other extra features means you will literally never miss a call again, without having to worry about if you'll be able to hear your phone, the mobile signal reception or the time zone factor.

During business hours, a skilled and welcoming receptionist will answer your line, your way, casting a prestigious image for your business. Outside office hours, Servcorp brings your calls to you with Find me, Follow Me smart routing that will forward calls based on your personal settings, including foreign languages. Calls can even be directed to multiple numbers or extensions either simultaneously or sequentially, completely ideal if you juggle multiple lines or want to keep the team in the loop. In a nutshell, you have only a single number to manage, keeping you connected and your business card neat and modern, easily remembered.

To be even more efficient, Servcorp has a unique voicemail that instantly recognizes your phone number when you dial in, so you can access your voicemail without the tedious task of entering even a pin number. You can also send audio files directly to your email, to be notified of business happenings in an easily detectable, on-the-go way. The same way, send messages to friends, multiple contacts and lists, or compose and reply to voice messages. Alternately, use Servcorp Onefax, an in-house secure fax to email technology. As if this was not easy enough, your Servcorp voicemail is so dedicated to you that it can be scheduled to repeat calls until you have received a message.

So whether this summer is about business travel, Ramadan and family time or somewhere in between, Servcorp has a simple, ideal and cost-effective business solution that is right for you.