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February 2013 | Servcorp

Now more than ever, if a business isn't tech savvy it will be putting itself at a disadvantage on a daily basis.

Internet and social media

It goes without saying that every business should have an internet presence (and a high-speed internet connection should obviously be an essential). However, you would be surprised at the number of businesses that haven't yet embraced social media. Having a presence on platforms like Facebook and Twitter can increase knowledge of your offerings many times over, and they are very useful tools for getting messages out to your customers.


Having reliable teleconferencing systems should be another essential - if you're still travelling for face-to-face meetings when they aren't entirely necessary, you are probably racking up considerable travel expenses. By setting up video conferencing, it's just like a face-to-face meeting with the added benefit that both parties are still in their own offices.

Similarly, implementing instant messaging systems on computers will allow workers to communicate much more efficiently and quickly than walking around the office - and they are completely free in most cases.

Serviced offices

If you're keen for your business to embrace the latest technology but aren't necessarily a tech whizz yourself, you might want to consider a serviced office. For a reasonable fee, you can move your business into an office that's already fitted with all the latest mod-cons and benefit from full support from a dedicated team.

Even if you have a decent handle on technology yourself, it's still a very good option. After all, it's a lot less hassle than setting up your own offices from scratch, particularly if you don't have a dedicated tech team.

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Written by Marcus Moufarrige